New for ASTC: Popup Maker Space

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New for ASTC: Popup Maker Space

Heading into ASTC, I’m primed to introduce a new endeavor, Popup Maker Space, with colleagues Paul Orselli of POW! and James Polk of Canstruct.

Popup Maker Space provides a modular “make” activity — initially a hand drawn animation disk that can be used with a mirrored praxinoscope in the Popup Maker Space, then taken home to be turned into a new animation device.  Visitors create their animation, and can then record their thoughts as a maker, email them, create a postcard for their facebook feed.  Followup resources provide animation activities visitors can do at home. Future modules may include hand made cars, toys, and electronics.

We’ll be using our StoryKiosk software, including Facebook postcards and YouTube Channel content, along with scheduled activities emailed to visitors after their museum experience. (It’s a mouthful, so be sure to check it out if you’re at ASTC, or email for more info…)

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