AAM session: museum video onscreen at ATM machines

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I was struck during today’s presentation on "The Current State of Exhibit Media" at the AAM conference by some stunning videos from that National Palace Museum in Taiwan. Here are a couple samples below (I heard a translated version, and I think the first had to do with Buddhist text in the calligraphy as interpreted by a video artist. The second includes 3D characters that come to life from exhibits.)

These are high-end productions that would be difficult/expensive for most museums to produce. But what struck me most is that the museum is looking for wide ways of distributing the videos, from display in bus stations, on subway cars, and on ATM machines. (Yes, ATM machines — they made arrangements with a local bank to display short excerpts as people get cash…).

Very smart — distributing content beyond the usual screens in exhibits and on the Web. It’s one of the major considerations: how else can we connect with visitors in their daily lives?

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