An invitation: Museum Haiku Group

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An invitation: Museum Haiku Group

Remember back when you were in grade school and wrote haiku?  The old 5-7-5 syllable form from Japan about nature?

Here’s a chance to reconnect the synapses and try it out again, this time with a new mission and with a worldwide group of museum friends. We’re forming a “Museum Haiku Group” with the goal of writing and sharing haiku daily (mostly) over a 2-4 week period, once each season. A “haiku sprint.” Over time, we’ll collect a series of seasonal snapshots from around the world.

A few thoughts to get started:

  • Haiku doesn’t really have to be 5-7-5. The main goal is to capture an experience of nature in a few brief phrases.  If you want to go 5-7-5, that’s fine though…
  • More important is that it connect with nature (or seasons), and that it can have an energetic twist or observation embedded in it.
  • Committing to do this daily will change your experience of nature — I look wider at the world when I’m outside, and feel closer to it. It occupies my mind with pleasant images when I might otherwise just be spacing out or worrying.
  • Don’t worry about sharing bad haiku. We’ll all be doing it. And if you write 10 haiku, amongst the bad ones will be at least one that captures a moment that you’ll want to share widely. (I’ve posted some at:
  • You don’t have to work in a museum to participate. Many of us do (or did at one time). But if you’re interested in museums, that’s enough. Join us!

Interested? Send an email to haiku (at)  We’re figuring out the format: an open facebook group, tumblr page, or wordpress blog. Let me know if you have a preference…

leaf stepped on











Haiku 10/28/13:
Walk by in a rush
something on the ground is art
that I just stepped on



  1. Hi Brad, great idea! Curious, though, if it’s a museum haiku group, does the haiku have to be about nature? or can it be about museums? Or is a haiku, by definition, about nature? Please illuminate, oh Haiku master.

    There is a museum
    up in northern New York State
    Pember, google it

    • Hi Fabi — nice haiku, with a fun little attitude in there! Whatever people are motivated by works, but my angle is to look for connections to nature. I’ll keep you posted, probably get started in a couple weeks with the official start of Fall…

  2. I live in Mexico City. Can I still join the group? Can I write in Spanish too?
    Haikus sobre la naturaleza
    una invitación muy tentadora
    cuando hay poca

    • Absolutely, on both questions! Those of us who need help reading the translation can use google translate…And thanks for getting us started with a great haiku in Spanish!

      (If you can send an email to me at “haiku (at)” I’ll be sure you’re on the list)


  3. Count me in! I’d vote for wordpress, but facebook’s maybe the most common denominator?

    Today’s swift raindrops
    turn damp leaves into clean slates
    for winter sun’s words

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