Announcing Online Recording: Gather stories from home

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Announcing Online Recording: Gather stories from home

In these challenging times, one of the prototypes we’ve developed on past projects has risen to the fore — the ability for users to record and submit stories from their own smartphones at home via invitation by email and social media. The result: museums, libraries, universities and other organizations can continue their story gathering missions using our cloud based content management system to manage the process.

Documenting experiences during the coronavirus epidemic is a role that is well-suited for these institutions. For our prototype, we’re asking three questions:

  • Was there a moment you realized your life would dramatically change? Record your experience for future generations.
  • What challenges have you had to overcome?
  • Have you gained any insights or new appreciations?

We’ll be customizing new sets of questions on three of our current projects, with Kingston Public Library (in MA), Georgetown University Law Center as they gather stories for their 150th anniversary, and Marco Island Center for the Arts as they gather community stories for their 50th anniversary.

The online recording feature draws on a model we used with Museum of Durham History and Katie Wright, who led the institution’s project gathering stories with Ar-Razzaq Islamic Center, one of the region’s long standing Islamic centers. I wrote about the project in a blog post here.

One thought I’ve had that I’ll write more about in a blog post in the future: designing for a new type of hybrid exhibit that is partly based in the physical presence at a museum, partly based on community partners, and with a significant portion of at-home participation. It seems like a necessary direction for the future, and also one that has many positive potential outcomes.

If you’d like more information or schedule a demo, please get in touch. This is a feature we’ve designed to quickly add to any of our current Storykiosk museum partners, as well as add new ones. Take care, stay safe…

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  1. Great way for stories to be told!

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