Tech Support: Are you in India?

Posted by on December 9, 2003 in TechMuse Blog, World Connections | 0 comments

I had trouble with my USB port on my laptop, so I called Dell’s tech support. After talking with two technicians with accents, it occurred to me: these guys are in India! I am talking to someone on the other side of the world. And when they put me on hold, I am holding (and holding and holding) a connection to the other side of the planet.

When I traveled to India 15 years ago, I rented a bike and rode through some of the small villages around Bangalore. It was a new world to me. I was as far from home as I had ever been. I was expecting “poverty,” but found villages with community support networks. People were smiling.

What a surprise one evening when I got a message that my parents were calling to catch up – the operator had them on hold. I ran across the campus, and picked up the phone, out of breath. What a major event, to receive a phone call around the world. Now, twenty years later, I’m on hold talking with tech support on the other side of the planet. And it is matter of fact — they don’t even tell me. This is one of the sure signs that I am living in a new world.

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