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The opening of the CSI exhibit last week was one of those “once in a lifetime” events. The cast of CSI made it to the event. Reportedly the cast was delighted to participate in this unique merging of popular culture and science exhibit learning (and as developers, we felt likewise). Here’s a news link about the exhibit opening:

The report shows people crowded around the StoryKiosk (around 2:40). The development team was a dream team from around the country led by Charlie Walter and Brandi West at Fort Worth Musesum of Science and History, Nancy Seruto and Michael Kelley in LA, OMSI, Bob Weis Design Island and Juicy Temples in Florida.
CSI emailVisitors record their testimony on the crime scene, and can email this statement home along with greeting from CSI cast member Paul Guilfoyle (Capt. Jim Brass). click to enlarge

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