From Museum to YouTube to PBS

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From Museum to YouTube to PBS

We had the pleasure of doing a StoryKiosk installation at the Levine Museum of the New South, an innovative IMLS funded museum in Charlotte focused on recent cultural history in Charlotte and the South. A central goal of the installation was to provide a place at the end of the exhibit where visitors could contribute their own stories to questions like “Which part of the exhibit did you find especially moving? Why?”, and “What advice would you give to someone moving to this region?”

Select stories are displayed in a large screen animation outside the booth. But the visitor stories get high visibility playback outside the exhibit as well. The Museum is uploading compiled stories to their YouTube Channel. And, in a unique relationship with their local PBS station WTVI, select stories gathered in the exhibit booth are broadcast in a special series WTVI is doing throughout the year on cultural change in the Charlotte area.

The installation points to the potential for extending the reach of visitor-created media, from exhibit to social sites like YouTube, to local PBS stations.

newsouth_youtube2 newsouth_swimmy


  1. Brad Thank you for doing such an amazing job integrating the touch-screen interface with the design and content of the exhibition. This is why visitors really get it and have such powerful comments! So glad we got to work with you. Darcie

  2. A pleasure Darcie. And likewise, so glad we connected up on this. The whole exhibit is one that continues to inspire me all these months after installation…

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