Maker Faire: Austin Children’s Museum

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Now and then a project pops into place that crystallizes years of thinking about development of technologies that encourage long-term learning among families. I’m delighted to be working with Austin Children’s Museum on a StoryKiosk to record visitors’ creations related to the Maker Faire to be held in Austin in October. The Maker Faire is “family friendly” — (great to see the emergence of what Seymour Papert termed “The Connected Family” years ago)…families engaging in enjoyable, creative activities integrating both technologies and traditional craft materials. Stay tuned as we work through the interface, grappling with issues such as: how do we make the interface more family friendly, appealing to girls as well as boys and parents. The goal: create a format allowing families to talk about what they created, sharing the social experience creating things they care about. More later…

tinkerers workshop

storykiosk screenshot: Tinkerer's Workshop


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