Micro-videos and museums: Vine, GifBoom, and Cinemagram

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I’ve been playing with micro-video formats — short little videos, six seconds for Vine, created by users and uploaded to share.  Kind of fun to play with and browse…

First impression: these services are making video (very short video) a lot more fun to create and to share, and might make video a reasonable thing to expect as visitor-created content. (Creating video content has always been a bit of a pain, unlike photos that are easy to snap and quick to upload.  Browsing videos generally isn’t much fun either — there’s a mental inertia against longer videos, and a lot of clicking (to start/stop/pause) in relation to the experience of the video itself). That’s changing with these short video formats, where the average length is more like 6 seconds, and browsing is more seamless scrolling. Vine in particular has a smooth and intuitive browsing interface.

Vine has been getting a lot of attention lately (for better or worse), but others like GifBoom and Cinemagram have been at it for a while, especially popular with the teen audience. (Which you’ll discover quickly after browsing a lot of posing mugshots in community spaces for GifBoom especially).

How might museums use these types of user-created content?  First step is being aware of them, using signage in exhibits to suggest hashtags, maybe monthly themes or contests…Helping users focus on a theme (such as “wildlife in our yard”, “signs of spring”, “wondering about downtown” etc) is one of the major challenges and opportunities.

And here’s a quick start I made an hour ago on Vine…




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