Museum Gaming Workshop notes

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Enjoyed a Gaming Workshop last night led by Kellian Adams with Marleigh Norton of Green Door Labs in Toursphere’s new office space.  Fifteen or so of us Boston area museum media community members (aka, Ed Rodley and Jenn Schmidt’s “Drinking about Museums” group) played with a variety of traditional (non-technological) games.  Noted what we liked and what bugged us about the games.

A few points that Kellian made about successful games in a museum context:

  • Visitors should be “primed to play” ahead of time — not informed about a game at the last minute in the course of their visit.  Publicity ahead of time  predisposes visitors to plan and play
  • Start with a “core group” of testers — community groups that may be drawn from local schools, church groups, scouting groups, etc
  • Start trying it out early with paper versions, etc — visitors are forgiving of rough edges (primitive graphics, etc) if the game concept is good


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