Portland Museum of Art / Maine Memory Network: Upload Photos and Stories from Home

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We’re continuing to evolve our mission to help cultural organizations reach out to members’ homes during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the last few weeks, we’ve added a major new feature to our online story recording service for museums: the ability for users to upload a photo from their device and then submit their video story about that photo.

The Portland Museum of Art is using the service for their exhibit Stories of Maine: An Incomplete History. The Museum is asking visitors to upload a photo (optionally) and record a story on a topic, including:

  • What is your personal relationship to this object or story?
  • Why do you feel this object or story matters today?
  • How is the object or story reflective or relevant to Maine — past, present, or future?

The installation also includes the ability to opt-in to sharing with the Maine Memory Network, a statewide initiative through the Maine Historical Society, an exciting collaboration between organizations with a shared mission. New connections between networked organizations may be one of the positive developments to emerge from these challenging times, and we’re happy to help develop those connections through community members’ own stories.

Community members upload stories and photos from their own devices

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