SEGD Workshop: A New Model for Popup Exhibits and Community Storytelling

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SEGD Workshop: A New Model for Popup Exhibits and Community Storytelling

I’ve had a sense the last few years that museums are evolving along with technology in ways that may reach further into their local communities. I gave a presentation about this a couple weeks ago at the SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Design) workshop on “Exhibition and Experience Design” in DC.

The main point — to challenge ourselves with a Zen koan (question to meditate on): “How do we design for a more pervasive museum?” A museum that reaches further into the community through events and programs beyond the museum walls…


Here’s a Slideshare of the presentation:


Some of the main points:

  • The pervasive museum: museums can be more “distributed” throughout their communities, less bound by their physical location.
  • Popup exhibits and programs at venues outside the museum are a key mechanism.
  • Visitor storytelling — personal connections, testimonials, exhibit feedback — builds stronger memories and emotional connections to the exhibit, and lends itself to social media sharing

And reflecting more on all this, in combination with my recent project in the Virgin Islands, leads me to think more about “community storytelling“, in which stories are gathered at a series of events to paint a picture of the museum’s wider community…(I’ll write more about this as we get closer to the AASLH conference).




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