Storykiosk for Georgetown Law 150th Anniversary

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Storykiosk for Georgetown Law 150th Anniversary

It’s a pleasure to connect with Georgetown University Law Center, one of the nation’s leading law schools, as the school celebrates its 150th year in 2020. As noted in previous blog entries, anniversaries present a special opportunity to reflect on the past and envision the future through stories.

We created an anniversary package for Georgetown Law, including a year- long Storykiosk rental to be used at multiple events, our cloud-based content management system to approve stories, and the compelling ability for alumni to record stories on their own devices and upload to our server via email invitation (will blog more on this later).

William Bailey, Senior Director of Campaign Management and Special Initiatives at Georgetown Law, commented how pleased they were with StoryKiosk’s user-friendliness and functionality. The special initiatives office has been using it to gather meaningful memories from their alumni, faculty, staff, and students, who’ve recorded a number of “heartfelt messages and great tales of their own experiences.”

Menu of questions for alumni at events

At special events we present the community with a menu of questions to choose from, including the initial three questions:

  • Talk about someone at Georgetown Law who made an impact on you.
  • Tell how Georgetown Law changed your life long-term.
  • Share a fun or memorable Georgetown Law story.

We look forward to working with Georgetown Law throughout the year to refine questions, suggest formats for events, and layer in new features.

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