Storykiosk: Record Stories for Exhibits and Events

Storykiosk: Record Stories for Exhibits and Events

We use social gatherings at public events and exhibits to generate stories that can be reviewed and shared in other public venues such as museum exhibits, lobbies and festivals.

Installed in museum exhibits around the U.S., Storykiosk provides a tangible platform in a public space for recording stories, and an easy-to-use cloud-based system for reviewing and distributing stories through social media.


Storykiosk: From Exhibits to Events

Museum exhibits have long been a way of reaching large audiences. But exhibits are limited by the boundaries of the museum building. Extending the reach further — through community events outside the museum — facilitates community engagement and audience building.


Given this, we’ve developed a dual-mode approach, bundling fixed stations for exhibits with portable ones for events.  For businesses and organizations outside museums, the same principle — facilitating storytelling at special events — deepens audience engagement.

To start the process, visitors at an exhibit or event choose questions relating to their own lives (“What part of your experience today will you remember most?”, or “What positive change would you like to make in our community?”). Visitors can browse other visitors’ stories on the touchscreen installation, and email custom postcards as a connection to their experience. Staff can review stories remotely from their desks, assign them to social media and load approved stories back onto exhibit stations.

Storykiosk features and uses include:

  • Exhibit feedback with social media outreach to YouTube and Facebook
  • Community engagement events, with ready to go animation and puppet-making modules
  • Cloud-based review system allowing staff to review stories from their desks before they are posted
  • Testimonial gathering for YouTube Channels and Facebook Pages
  • Rental version ready to go for short term exhibits and special events

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