The future and museums: webcast notes

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Enjoyed the webcast sponsored by Emerging Museum Professionals at the NEMA conference (and beyond). Futurist Garry Golden presented a range of ideas impacting museums in the hour and half online session. Highlights from my notes include:

  • the social media model has broad impact on museum communications distinct from past broadcast models. (In my mind, the issue becomes: "how do we plant the seeds that people want to communicate about?")
  • Web 3.0: linked smart data, cloud computing, learning systems. (An online participant commented that the online Salesforce program might be a model)
  • demographics in the next 15-20 years highlight the central role that multi-generational learning and family learning will play
  • "Lifelong learning" becomes the new model, distinct from past models apprenticeship learning and teacher based learning
  • museums can leverage the power of "third places," finding ways to bring museums to places like coffee shops
  • museum experience may include modeling based on "gaming mechanisms" — structured programs with goals, challenges, and resources such as Weight Watchers. (In my mind, connects with Elaine Gurian's concept of the "essential museum" in which the museum becomes a resource/tool for visitors' goals)
  • a challenge: build smart devices for museum learning environments

Very interesting stuff.  I'm reminded of the way children's museums have been focusing for decades on multi-generational family learning and think there is much for the museum community as a whole to learn from children's museums.

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