More About Our Mission

More About Our Mission

Our long term mission with StoryKiosk started with museums — we wanted visitors to talk about their experiences and build their own connections to exhibits.  With popular installations around the country, we’re focusing on a new trend in museums — supporting story-based experiences at other public venues and events.

We started over a decade ago recording visitors’ stories in response to questions like “What was your favorite part of this exhibit” (and still do a lot of that), but have incorporated a number of variations on the theme, including visitor sketches, songs, roadshow artifacts, and even puppet shows staring visitors’ own shoes.

Through that decade of experience, we’ve built one of the longest track records for visitor-created media in exhibits, including installations in major science museum exhibits, including the traveling CSI: The Experience exhibit, exhibits with the Science Museum of Minnesota, history museums including the Mercer Museum, Denver Art Museum and children’s museums across the country.

As technologies evolve, including mobile media and social media such as Facebook and YouTube, we develop artful ways of incorporating visitor-created media into social media campaigns to extend the reach of exhibits and special events.

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